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Drainage failure is due to the gradual build up of accumulated sludge. Undigested raw sewage and grime can buildup throughout your entire septic system including the tank, lines, cesspit, sand mound, leach field and drain field when the system is untreated or poorly maintained.  Due to the use of household cleaners and other common chemicals septic tank systems that have not been properly treated can have a difficult time digesting and degrading the raw septic sewage that enters the tank because of a decrease in beneficial septic tank bacteria.  Problems in the drain field may be the first sign of trouble when the field lines progressively become clogged, inhibiting digestion and the breakdown of waste.  Field lines are perforated with small holes to allow liquefied effluent to pass into the surrounding gravel bed where the waste matter is further digested into biodegradable runoff. However if the soil surrounding the inner piping becomes compacted the undigested sewage has nowhere to go and may cause further problems like backups, wet spots and unpleasant odors. If  clogging continues sewage may leak out of your septic system and drain field and even back up into your home.


Seriously Clogged Drain Fields May Even Need To Be Replaced At A Cost Of Tens of Thousands Of Dollars.  Luckily There Is A Much Better Solution.